Our Mini Tots programme runs for children aged 2-4.

Mini Tots provides children with the platform to take their first steps in football, while also focusing on core motor skills such as agility, balance, coordination, running, jumping and more. Our Mini Tots sessions feed into our Soccer Tots programme which runs for boys and girls once they start in Year R at school. Our sessions are designed for parents and family members to join in with their child to support their development whilst having a fantastic time. At the end of each our sessions, the children will receive a sticker for attending and taking part.

To register your interest in our Mini Tots sessions please fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in contact.

"Mini Tots is a fantastic way to encourage children into sports from an early age"​

"Mini Tots is a fantastic way to encourage children into sports from an early age. Marc delivers engaging and stimulating sessions to keep the children occupied, making it both informative and fun! All of the children try really hard to take part in the activities that Marc presents and its great to see parents and family members getting involved and having fun with their children so this club helps child/parent bonding as well as an introduction to sport. Marc is a fantastic coach, addressing all the children as individuals and spreading himself equally, engaging positively with both parents and children all the whilst managing to create a fun learning environment.''